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Going to the arcade

Hi my name is Misty
1.Waking up to a sunny day haaaaa.
2.My mum disied that me and my coin can go to the rkd with her yaya.
3.driving there whoosh.
Tittle. Going to the rkd.
Waking up to a sunny day haaaaa. In a flash i dashed to my mum. My mum disied that i can go to the rkd with her yaya. Geting ready to go to the rkd. Driving there whoosh. We
Ran in the park i went inthe she did to it was my funnyest dayever. I loved it. We played
On the slide and the other. We went in the balls and we played a ball fight. She pushed me on that swing thing. We had a fead and had a drink at the thing were you order.
We played some game and we got onethawsind tickets. Then we buyed some slime
Because i love slime and a sqishy ball and some lolleys. We keeped playing the games
And spending the tickets. Then we drived to the pools. We slided on the slipery
Hightdslide. We ran to the warm pool because we were cold it was nice as. Then i ran in the cold pool because the sun was geting hot it was nice and cold and i had pace and qiet. I was hungey so i told my mum we got a sosdrow we were wating for it she gave
It to us we said thank you. It was a cool day.

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